Memorial to a good friend

I just heard, and I want to drop everything and run, go for a far away run.  I’m upset, I’m so sorry I didn’t call you enough or see you enough or take you to our favorite coffee place (Zona Rosa).  You were an inspiration to so many – 

you showed me many a kindness, taught me about womanhood, and by your example, I grew to love your sweet kitty “Frankie” (named for Ol’ Blue Eyes). You were so kind to animals as well as people.  We laughed about movies, cried about our similar pasts of dark depression, and rejoiced together over new beginnings and being spiritual soul sisters.

You were such a hard worker, you were very hospitable and we discussed vegetarian recipes.  We ate California Pizza Kitchen and toasted drinks to each other.  You were so patient and such a good listener.  I’m so touched by your generosity and sweet spirit, and my only comfort is that you are with the angels. I will continue to pray for Logan and your family. I love you and you are sorely missed. 

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