Int’l women’s day thoughts by a woman, for all!

I canceled my class today because I was coughing so, so badly. Originally I dreaded going into work because I was over analyzing the performance eval I had and had been worried about coming in after soul searching, resting,&watching mindless tv while I was away for 2days. My workout from was good (light and low impact) and my smoothie was good. Then the hail got my attention. Next it was the snow on the mountains. Now that I ate my healthy soup(with about 20 veggies!) all the quotes and posts about Int’l Women’s Day woke me up! The Good Lord reminded me of Abeline in “The Help”- “you is kind
You is smart
You is important!” I am who I am because God brought me fabulous women in this life-
Grandmother S
Granny E
A good Mama
4wonderful sisters, 2sisters in law
A boss and supervisor who are here to help, great coworkers too
So many good women who have mentored me, counseled, trained, taught, pastored, ministered to, and prayed with me
Best friends like Sarah, Lyndsey, Annie, Nicolette, Bre, Rae, so many!
Reliv friends like Terry, Adair, so many!
Swing dance friends
Fit friends who show me physical strength
Roomies like Sharie and Chandra, Bible study leaders Audrey and Carol,
And of course my church friends.
So many moms I’ve worked for and watched and helped- someday I want to be like them.
So many who work in and out of the home, who love their husbands or care for their parents or watch their kids
Homeschool tutors who were patient with a gal who was super sensitive!
Drama and theatre/singers and actors who I’ve belted out songs, laughed at movie quotes, taught me choreography!
Those aunts that loved my cousins and loved on me, showed me new ideas.
The list goes on. I am so humbled by their love – so grateful for caring friends who listen and pray or who laugh and show me strength in the midst of unhappy circumstances.
I love and appreciate each of you, and want to keep on growing in strength and dignity! As we compliment each other or our spouse or if we live alone and we only see a Facebook post, lets live life to the hilt (as my Grandfather said)! Lets keep on keeping on!

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