Haven’t wanted to nor have I felt like blogging yesterday& today. I don’t know if it was donating blood Thursday, or something I ate, or the margarita last night, but I still feel nauseas. Before you jump to that conclusion, I think it’s something else than that! Yesterday I had a pounding headache and felt weak and almost feverish(but didn’t have a temp). I had a good class, I felt awful all day at work and on the elliptical, then felt great as I enjoyed seeing Van Gogh at Norton Simon! So we went out with friends(just chips, salsa,&1 drink). Ok another thing is I have been working out a lot and changing habits and eating healthy, so I am super sore. My quads hurt like heeedblhockeysticks and sit to stand, sitting, stairs, and hills make it worse. Spin class was so tough this am! He made us jump and stand a lot. Then we saw Skyfall and loved it, but now that I cleaned our home I feel wiped out, all icky again. Yesterday at my desk I even re aggravated my ankle again! Sheesh. I hate pain. See what I mean? Who wants to read this?

2 thoughts on “Icky

  1. I do 😉 – it sounds like your changing too many things at the same time – burning the candle at both ends – After reading all you’ve done, I feel tired! 🙂
    Feel better soon

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