Fun times!

Every year I try to see as many Oscar nominees as possible, but it never happens… I love movies, they can be like an escape to me, and I love supporting the arts. Either I host or we go to a party. Tonight happened to fall on my friend’s birthday so we got to go to her fancy party. This girl went all out with decor, film themed food, and even a little photo booth op! (Maybe I can post pics later:)) She did very well!

Last year was my first year to win big and get a lot of them right(I guess I guessed well?) but tonight I lost, really, really lost. I only got 6 right (and one was best picture “Argo”!) but I think it’s either I didn’t see enough, and didn’t pay attention to enough of the talk or critics’ reviews, and so I went with what I wanted but had no clue who might win. All in all it was fun, and I loved all the musical numbers:)
What did you think? We’re you surprised by the outcome? What were some of your fave moments?


2 thoughts on “Fun times!

  1. Hey daughter of mine….no guesses for the Oscars, as I haven’t seen most of the movies! I like your blog….only thing is that sometimes the balloons get in the way of some of the words! Tell me how to tag words so that I can do this on my blog…or can you do it for me??

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