A productive & fun Saturday!

Last night I stayed up late reading blogs. This am I woke excited to read some more! I emailed my sister and had my kashi protein cereal and reliv and left for Burbank 24’s Body Combat. I still was cautious on my ankle(didn’t go all out), but had fun and sweated a little. That teacher Kyla is so funny and energetic. She is one of those L.A. Beautiful people too.
Then I came home and had a light snack. My husband had just come from his Griffith ride and we saw the neighbors and chatted about gardening. Her Guatemalan grandkids are so so cute!
After our showers and coffee, we ran an errand at On Guard in Pasadena. We wanted to get car insurance quotes if we join with the same company, and discuss it with Chris, my favorite agent over there. We visited Trader Joes and made a healthy lunch which we got to eat outside!:) We worked on our finances and looked at our budget for a big portion of the afternoon, and I had tea, girlscout cookie cupcakes (!!!!!!!!!so good!!!!!!!) while I talked to my mom. I had to clean my floors, & look over the Sunday School lesson and am now about to cook shrimp:) Tonight we are going to hear my friend’s band lookinfortrouble.com at T Boyles in Pas. Whew!
girlscout cookie cupcakes
lookin for trouble


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