One of the reasons I started this blog is because I have trouble getting ready in the morning.  AND I WAKE UP IN PLENTY OF TIME, mind you.  For all the time I spend getting to work, it should show (I should look more put together;-) HAHAHA!) I tried googling and researching some other women’s blogs with this idea, so I need your help!  If it’s not too personal, and you don’t mind commenting, what are some of your healthy & quick breakfast ideas?  What do you lay out the night before (full complete outfit with all the accessories? Gym workout garb? Hair stuff?) What do you travel with (in your purse/gym bag/work bag?) How do you get it all in there & keep it organized?  I have arrived at the gym and had a great workout, jumped in the shower and realized: “I have no clean _ (insert lingerie item)!” And I panic. I’ve had to go buy extras or tried to keep things in the trunk of my car (I don’t want to keep a messy car) all for the prepared girl scout “Just In Case”!  It’s comical, really. I have forgotten necessary things that I left out somewhere, but left it and didn’t add it to the bag or get it in the car.  I have to check things off my reminder list, tried to remember to check my iphone lists, prayed and journaled about this problem. 🙂 I do not want to walk into work with my hair all wet (SHOWERHEAD!) and disheveled, or no makeup, or forgetting an important accessory like a belt.  

So far this is what a normal-but-crazy morning for me would look like:

7am read Bible/pray/journal (with the Youversion Holy Bible app, it has great reading plans and notifies you).

7:30 hopefully am up getting my gym bag together (if I didn’t pack it the night before) and taking Reliv (my powder supplement) and have weighed myself.  I am making my coffee and getting my lunch bag packed, grabbing a water bottle and making a smoothie (Elite Cuisine is like a competitor to Magic Bullet/Nutribullet = personal size version of Vitamix or other big blender).  

8:10 am usually out the door for an 8:30 gym class (24hour fitness) or for the Friday class I teach.  If it’s Tuesday, I wake up 6:30 and try to get a bike early for 8a spin.  

This means I have to do quickie eye makeup in the car, try to blow dry my hair before I leave for work (I don’t have to be there til 10:30!  You’d think I should be able to do it!), and be fully showered/dressed (with moisturizer :)) by 10/10:30 (depending on drive time or wherever I’m coming from).  

Here’s some reminder tags I’ve tried to put up (all over the house;-) no, just kidding!):




healthy breakfast 


cleanse, tone, moisturize


accessories (lingerie, socks, shoes, belt, hair stuff, scarf)

gym bag

The next blog post will be about BED TIME ROUTINES! 🙂 hahahahahahaha

THNX LADIES (I’m lumping you all together, but if any men want to help that’d be fine too!  My husband always smells nice, has perfect oral hygiene, helps me with dishes, and gets his coffee free at work!:) But us women have more things to take care of I suppose…?)


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