Just Breathe.

My dad always said I was making things harder on myself.  Carrying 6 bags of groceries in (so I don’t have to go back outside!) or trying to juggle water, coffee & smoothie, gym bag, purse, classroom bag (on Fridays I teach a one hour Intro to Drama & Fine arts class to a great little group of kids!) !  My husband always helps with the door or when we’re out together he carries heavy things or luggage for me.  But today it hit me: this little convo that I have with myself every so often:


BUT I CAN’T!! I got to be there in 20 minutes!!

Finally got in the car, stopped feeling so frustrated, listening to my Shane & Shane…Whistling…singing…harmonizing…
BAM!  TRAFFIC JAM on the 134 (going the opposite way of normal Friday LA traffic!) ! The other side was normal people whizzing by! I was dumbfounded.  Where did this come from?  All I saw was a measly little tow truck and one tiny white car (no glass or smashing or major parts busted that I could see) and I finally was clear of it! Ridiculous.  But I was still late to my class (um, pretty much besides my job and seeing my husband, favorite part of my day/week!) but we just got to work. The kids were pretty wild (in good SPIRITS!) so we made a fun morning of it, and I even got to leave on time (sometimes I’m rushing to the next errand or rushing to get ready for work) – which meant I went ahead to splurge for a Vanilla Spice Latte & a yogurt at Starbucks.  I know, I know, I’m trying to save money!  But I even made it in & out of Super King with all my produce for the week, in 20minutes, spending under $25! How do ya like that?~! (Bragging rights tyvm!)

Jesus said His burden is light.  I’m so glad I can run to Him any time I need, and just breathe.

After all, I haven’t spilled my coffee in two days!  That’s progress:)


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