gettin’ in on the action

Here are some of my favorite (smartphone; I have an iphone4) apps, what are some of yours?

This is my new little favorite discovery! It actually pays you (a little! And every little bit counts!) to go to the gym! If you don’t go, it will deduct an amount ($5, or more whatever you want) safely & securely from your paypal account.  I usually go 6 days a wk, but I set up a pact for 5 just to make sure I will go! On my off days I run or do yoga.  

However, I rolled my ankle a few days ago – devastation!! I was so bummed I’d have to sit out until it got bettah, but I’ve tried to do a little sumpin’ at home or when I can (gympact syncs with so you can track your runs or your bike rides or your walks or even your workouts at home (if you’re active for 30min.!) But they say in their helpful faq’s that you can get a dr’s note if you are sick or injured and then they won’t charge you.

I’ve tried a couple other little apps that pay you, but it turns out they all seem to be surveys, with special offers.  Sometimes I can handle a short survey by iPoll or or check in when I watch a show like viggle, but some of them have those long winded surveys that I don’t qualify for, or special offers that just keep signing me up for more emails which I don’t want! 

As you all know, I am a big Facebook fan. I’m takin’ a wee brrrreak during the week of Lent but feasting on Sunday to just check for “important messages” here or there.  Most of my real friends know that they can txt, email, or call me if they really needed me.  And since I have instagram, why do I need FB?! lol jk. I like seeing wedding photos, kids’ pics, and connecting, but I don’t want FB to become a replacement for friendship! I am only FBfriends with people I KNOW, not strangers who somehow find me (if we have NO mutual friends I won’t add you)…And if I tag you in a photo, know that only my friends can see it, not the whole world.

#super #fun to @tag your friends and upload funky, cool, fun #photos from your cameraphone.  I’ve heard BLUESTACKS can help you do it on your desktop! I’m doing #projectlife365 (every day for a year) and @catholic_sistas and @rethinkchurch #ipc =instagram photo challenges= the latter two during LENT.

Sigh. Well, I’m addicted.  I mean, it’s really ok because I only check it once in a while when I have time or am looking up a recipe or a workout.  I love the idea though!  Vision boards, dream boards, have been a great motivational tool for successful people (People in business, people who are losing weight, people who want to save for a vacation)!  Have you seen this: Image 🙂

It made me smile and laugh so hard, and my friend posted it on FB which started a roaring discussion!:) Oh Christiana, #haterofvideogames !

isleep (From ihome+sleep)

Now that I have my fitbit, I don’t use this app as often, but I do love the way it lulls you to sleep and then wakes you up with your music.  It calculates how long you’ve slept and you can check the weather and change the background (so the glow of the light doesn’t bother you).

STOP READING IF YOU’RE A MAN: Ok girls, I like iperiod!  I know it sounds silly but it helps me! (Look it up I won’t go into too much graphic detail;-)) go to And also, ladies, please go read (buy a copy) of Dr. Toni Weschler’s fantastic book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” (Especially if you DO or you DON’T want kids!!)!! She has a great site as well.


I like checking in!! It gives me the satisfaction I guess. I like writing reviews, and reading up on a place before I go try or eat from it!  


My husband’s job, so I have to like it.  They also recommend gas guru and other helpful resources.

My WIthings scale syncs with this and it syncs with my fitbit and with runkeeper.  Now, I wish it counted the workouts that I enter, and my calories in & out (it does but I already put that in on fitbit, I don’t want all these apps running my life!)  Once my sister said, “OK now that you’re here, you’re with REAL PEOPLE, so get off your phone!” She’s right. That has stuck with me.  I don’t want to be rude and always on my phone when people are talking to me.  Especially at work, or always singing loudly with my earphones on and you’re trying to ask me something! Awful.

This cool little thing really actually helps me.  The problem is, since I’m a listkeeper, it only keeps track of 3 items.  I have more than 3 bad habits, or more than 3 good habits, but for right now I’m only tracking the 3 bad things I want to stay away from.  And I can write little journal notes and it will graph my progress! One is drinking soda, one is chewing the inside of my cheek (a gross, ugly nervous habit), and one is picking or tearing at my nails/cuticles.  It has actually WORKED! I still catch myself chewing my cheek so I have had to enter that more often.  But my nails are FINALLY growing out! (Nothing worked before, and I tried everything! I’m not a biter, so those products and nasty tasting stuff won’t work)  I have tried artificial nails (they don’t even last 12 hours), acrylics (which file down and stunt the growth:() and gel (one shellack only lasted 3 days!:()  and just recently I tried the wonderful Dashing Diva’s patent-pending Virtual nails, and they only lasted 4 days:(  I just don’t have the right nail bed, or I have too many ridges, or I’m too dry or wash my hands too much (I work in a hospital) and forget lotion, or once they start growing I’ve ripped ’em off! I’ve heard prenatal vitamins work, so I think Reliv (my supplement that I love) helps, but I’ve been stunting their growth.  Every night I answer the app’s notifications and have to be honest (or I write in how I was feeling or what I was thinking when I caught myself doing it).

My husband also uses one (I think it’s called password manager?), but this one really helps  me; I get so frustrated with every website or app that requires a log in every time.

In taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Uni class, we discovered just recently (for tracking things like spending/saving/expenses & budgeting)! Really helpful! It alerts you a lot too:) 


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